Wednesday, September 11, 2013

HHS Strategic Plan for 2014-2018 is open for comment

Every four years, HHS updates its strategic plan, which describes its work to address complex, multifaceted, and ever-evolving health and human service issues. Follow this link to the draft and for more information about how to submit comments:

Goal 1: Health Care -

This goal focuses on health insurance coverage, healthcare quality and safety, connecting primary and preventive care, healthcare costs, access to care, disparities, and health information technology.

Goal 2: Research and Innovation -

This goal focuses on health, public health, and human services research, innovation, food and medical product safety, and tobacco regulation.

Goal 3: Public Health and Human Services -

This goal focuses on children and youth, economic and social wellbeing, poverty, services for seniors and people with disabilities, prevention, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness and response.

Goal 4: Management -

This goal focuses on responsible stewardship and fraud prevention, using data to improve health, the HHS workforce, and environmental stewardship.

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